Understanding new roles👩🏻‍🔧
In 1972, for the first time in MANN+HUMMEL’s history, female apprentices could learn in the mechanic’s apprentice workshop, what was until then a typical male profession.👏🏼 #throwbackthursday

You've probably heard the term "HEPA" a lot lately. But what exactly are HEPA filters and how effective are these filters against viruses and microbial contamination 🤔? These questions are answered by Frank Spehl, our Director R&D at MANN+HUMMEL LS&E Air Filtration, in today´s video 💡.
Learn more: https://airfiltration.mann-hummel.com/

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Mann ve Hummel Filtre San. ve Tic. Ltd.şti

The annual World Environment Day 🌎 is about promoting awareness and action to protect the environment. Environment means: habitat of all living creatures, including sustainable mobility 🚗, the air we breathe 🍃 and the water we use.💦
For us, cleaner mobility reaches far beyond the typical combustion engine. Our products meet the highest quality standards, address different operating conditions and thus reliably protect your machines and applications. Our air filtration solutions ensure clean air in indoor and outdoor environments while our membrane products deliver superior solutions to membrane separation problems.
All MANN+HUMMEL solutions aim to separate the useful from the harmful and make a contribution to our environment. We all want to living in a place where we can live healthy and happy lives.🏙🤗 https://www.mann-hummel.com/en/

Are you familiar with legionella?🦠 These are bacteria that can make us sick!🤒 Due to lockdowns in times of COVID-19, the water sits in the pipes for a long time and there is an increase of legionella formation. Seccua offers long-term solutions for hotels, gyms or schools to avoid exactly this danger and to be able to use the water safely.👍🏼 https://us.seccua.com/pages/legionella-in-drinking-water?_pos=1&_sid=ba25f7943&_ss=r Seccua Deutschland Seccua USA

MANN+HUMMEL Water & Fluid Solutions (previously MICRODYN-NADIR) announces Jeffrey Sanchez as new Vice President for the group: Sanchez is an award-winning global marketing, sales, product management and operations leader with experience guiding business in the international water market.

He will steer the recently rebranded company on the path to growth and innovation following the new vision: To solve the world’s water and fluid treatment challenges so that together we can create a safe, sustainable, and healthy planet.

Read more in our press release: https://www.mann-hummel.com/en/company/news-press/2021/new-vice-president-mannhummel-water-fluid-solutions.html

Mann ve Hummel Filtre San. ve Tic. Ltd.şti

MANN+HUMMEL is part of the hygiene concept of the Greentech Festival! Around 50 OurAir air purifiers will help ensure a safe and virus-free event in Berlin. We are happy to contribute to the safety of all people at the festival.

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Our antiviral OurAir indoor air purifiers will also be in the focus at Greentech Festival: Virus-free, clean air in nearly every indoor environment! Thanks to their certified built-in HEPA H14 filters they capture more than 99,995% of viruses, virus mutations, bacteria, microorganisms, free allergens and pollen.
If you need more information about our air purifiers, you can ask our experts at the booth or just visit our website: https://airfiltration.mann-hummel.com/our-segments/virus-free-air/antiviral-air-purification/

Have you already seen our new corporate website? 💻 For us, this is the third major website go live within 5 months. Thanks to our motivated, talented, inspiring team 💚 and the Merkle DACH we do not only have a stunning new look and easy-to-navigate-concept, but we have also been nominated as a finalist in the category “Experience Maker Team of the Year” at the Adobe Experience Maker awards.

Have a look and guide to our Products area where you can find our new Solution Finder 🔍 which helps you quickly find the right filtration information, products, and solutions: https://www.mann-hummel.com/en.html

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Mann ve Hummel Filtre San. ve Tic. Ltd.şti

Female power in the Automotive Aftermarket: We couldn’t be prouder of our very own Alison Grabowski, who has been nominated for the AMN "Women at the Wheel" class of 2021! The program recognizes women who have been game-changers in their field, making a difference through innovation, business acumen or serving as a role model in the Automotive Aftermarket. Congratulations Alison!

More information: https://digital.aftermarketnews.com/html5/reader/production/default.aspx?pubname=&edid=ae3508eb-f31b-48ff-b2ea-59a59da4c68c&pnum=23

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Fine dust is harmful to our health! At Greentech Festival, we will present our filtration solutions that capture these harmful pollutants and provide cleaner air in outdoor and semi-open spaces.
Our Filter Cube technology helps improve the air quality in places with high levels of air pollution, such as busy roads or subway stations. It can also be integrated into existing infrastructure like bus shelters or billboards.
Take the chance to explore our solutions at our booth with STRÖER from 16-18 June in Berlin or visit our website: https://airfiltration.mann-hummel.com/our-segments/public-air/public-air-solutions/
We are looking forward to your visit and interesting talks!

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