Do you want to bring your resort or holiday destination business online? Get Luxyort, a gorgeously designed Joomla template to build a wonderful online presence for your luxury resort, hotel, and any kind of holiday destination business.
#Joomla #JoomlaTemplate #Website #WebsiteTemplate

Do you want to bring your resort or holiday destination business online? We have great news to share with you today. We’ve released Luxyort, a...

With 478 million active users every month, Pinterest is a great opportunity to grow your business! Let's find out how Pinterest pins are changing the game and how you can optimize your Joomla site for Pinterest SEO.
#Joomla #Pinterest #SEO #websiteTraffic

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear about Pinterest? Recipe pin? Home decor? Fashion inspiration? Sure, it has them all....

Ever wanted to redirect users to a different page other than default after a successful login? Let's find out how to redirect and customize login on your Joomla site to streamline the user experience.

#Joomla #website

Hola Joomlers! Have you ever wanted to redirect users to a different page after a successful login? I certainly have. By redirecting users after the...

Get PHP 8 and MySQL 8 support in SP Page Builder v3.7.10. It also improves the codebase for Joomla 4 beta 7 compatibility, fixes the Joomla 4 menu selection issue, and does many more.

#Joomla #WebsiteBuilder #SPPageBuilder #PHP8

Hello SP Page Builder users! Have a big smile on your face as we are releasing a very significant update to your favorite tool. Now, SP Page Builder...

We're thrilled to announce that the Helix Ultimate 2.0 Beta 3 is here. Get Bootstrap 5 stable version and shiny new improvements & fixes.
#HelixUltimate #Helix #Joomla #TemplateFramework #WebsiteBuilder

Helix Ultimate 2.0 started strong and paved the way for developing effective and modern Joomla websites. What a long way we have come! Today, we're...

Looking for an online presence for your digital service business? Get IT Solution layout bundle of SP Page Builder Pro and offer your digital services on a conversion-friendly website.
#WebsiteLayout #SPPB #Joomla #DigitalServiceWebsite

Modern businesses require a strong and influential website. Being in the IT solution business you may have provided your expert services to other...

Accessibility is very important these days. It is required by law in many situations. Follow these guidelines to make sure your Joomla website is usable for all users regardless of disability.
#WebAccessibility #Joomla #Website #Accessibility

The Internet has grown so wide that websites are now an essential part of our everyday lives. And in 2021, it’s not enough to have a website. In...

Get Webinar, our latest layout bundle for SP Page Builder Pro users. Create webinar websites for any public speakers, seminars, conferences, and all other impactful webinars.

#joomla #webinar_website #SPPB #website_layout

Webinars are getting increasingly popular all over the world. From businesses to eLearning to other areas, the popularity is on the rise. The best...

Hello educators! We’ve updated our SP LMS component along with a couple of popular Joomla templates in the LMS niche. Please update and make eLearning more fun and interesting to you and your learners.
#lms #elearning #joomla #coursewebsites

Hello to all online educators on Joomla! I hope you are doing great. We are updating our SP LMS component along with 2 popular Joomla templates in...

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