Managing the complexity involved in bringing ADAS and AD commercial vehicles to market requires robust system design practices.
With our comprehensive expertise in systems engineering - covering all aspects of product development, from concept right through to SOP - we support the industry to maximize lifespans and operating times while minimizing Total Cost of Ownership.

We can define the operating area of automated vehicles, as well as derive use cases, scenarios and test cases. Discover how we can support you in this highly competitive and changing environment to make automated driving a reality here:

Looking for heavy duty Fuel Cell System testing solutions?
AVL’s modular FCS testbed supports the full range of tests from R&D to calibration and validation.

Put your prototype FCS in a virtual vehicle to emulate driving scenarios. Real weather can also be reproduced adding the optional climate chamber.

Learn more:

Avl Araştırma ve Mühendislik San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.

We would like to congratulate our Strategic Partner Batemo for being honored as one of Stellantis’ 12 Annual Suppliers in the "Innovation" Category for outstanding performance in 2020.

Batemo was awarded for their "ability to propose breakthrough technical solutions and new value-creating services".

Find out more about AVL’s partnership with Batemo in the field of EV battery and simulation technology:

The only way to master the complexity and quantity of #ADAS/AD safety tests within realistic time and cost frames is by using advanced virtualization tools and methods, both during test preparation and test execution.

We at AVL apply a scenario-based verification and validation toolchain, reducing tests required in the virtual and real worlds to so-called "smart kilometers".

AVL Scenario Designer™ is the software of choice for easy ADAS/AD test scenario design, editing, parameterization and verification. It is the first stand-alone tool to fully support ASAM OpenSCENARIO 1.0 standard, with a graphical modelling interface and an on-the-fly scenario player.

Excited to learn more?

Then register for our launch webinar and be among the first to get an insight into our state-of-the-art solution for helping you design, edit, verify and parameterize testing scenarios.

How can you deal with increased test complexity for systems integration, RDE performance and safety/diagnostics in powertrain calibration? Listen to Hannes Atzler and Franz Eberhard in our live webinar and learn about the role of virtual simulation in modern powertrain development, from concept to SOP to achieve cost and time effectiveness. Register here:

What is the potential of alternative fuels to reduce #CO₂ emissions in commercial vehicles? #Hydrogen is considered CO₂-neutral and can contribute significantly to making transportation cleaner. Watch our on-demand webinar and find out more about hydrogen combustion principles, approaches to ensure trade-offs between transient engine behavior and pollutant #emission control by looking at the example of AVL's hydrogen engine. Watch now:

#FuelCell based powertrains are a promising zero-emission solution for commercial applications in order to achieve sustainable and low-emission transportation. As such, OEMs and suppliers are currently preparing production-ready fuel cell solutions for this industry. Our experience has enabled us to develop PEMFC systems with high power densities and improved efficiency. Find out how AVL can support you in all vehicle integration levels from fuel cell stack, fuel cell system to the complete powertrain:

#hydrogen #automotiveindustry

Avl Araştırma ve Mühendislik San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Optimizing the Performance of ADAS and AD Functions With Regards to Perceived Safety and Comfort

With our unique assessment technology, AVL-DRIVE™ Autonomous, we perform an objective human-centric assessment of assisted and automated driving characteristics. This enables you to specify and develop driving features early in the process to achieve a pleasing experience for the driver. Discover more:

#adas #avldrive

Driven by the quest for ultimate performance, yet limited by fast-paced development cycles to meet tightest deadlines: Matthias Dank, Director Motorsport at McLaren Applied, talks about how #motorsport has been a pioneer in using virtual, fact-based and data-driven methods to make the right engineering decisions faster. Register for the AVL International #Simulation Conference, free of charge:


Do you want to develop your gearboxes faster and more cost-efficiently? A drive to digitalize testing means that new CFD methods are required to economically reproduce this task in a virtual environment.

Register for the upcoming webinar to hear the latest news on the Simulation of Gearbox Lubrication with smoothed particle hydrodynamics:

You may also want to download the on demand-webinar on “Cutting gearbox lubrication development from days to hours”:

Register for this webinar Webinar registration Webinar registration cancelled On demand access To register for this webinar please sign in with your AVL Data.CONNECT TM enables you to manage and connect the vast amounts of data generated during vehicle development, making the most of its...

AVL is proud to be part of the Austrian Delegation to the SelectUSA Investment Summit taking place from 07th June to 11th June 2021!

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