Users pick Schneider Electric as #1 for their Safety/Emergency Shutdown solution. Check out our ranking in Control Global 2021 Reader's Choice Awards. #EcoStruxure #TriconexSafety

Robust #Thalassa fiberglass-reinforced polyester #UniversalEnclosures have the widest range of dimensions and sizes. Learn how this versatile raw material can be customized to fit all customer needs.

Discover how our end-to-end wireless instrumentation system is revolutionizing the industry and is a proven solution for utility companies looking to overcome sewage overflow challenges and risks. Read our latest blog to learn more!
#EcoStruxure #IndustriesOfTheFuture

End users continue to value profitable safety and vote Triconex #1. Schneider Electric ranks top in the Safety/Emergency Shutdown category from Control Global 2021 Reader's Choice Awards. Read more. #EcoStruxure #TriconexSafety

#Sustainability commitments are not just better for the planet. They are better for business, too. Check out this new white paper to discover three ways to advance your sustainable operations through #IoT and digital collaboration:


Schneider Enerji Endüstrisi San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

What are best practices when it comes to safeguarding ICS and SCADA systems?
Join our panel of #cybersecurity experts to discuss layered defense-in-depth strategies from Schneider Electric and Fortinet and learn which solutions can help build business resiliency. Register today:

Wouldn’t it be great to indulge in sweet treats without the guilt? The #IndustriesOfTheFuture can’t do anything about calories, but you can still save energy and drive sustainability. Find out how to modernize operations and #MakeItForLife.

Registrations for our Schneider Global Student Experience are open until June 14th, apply now! If you’re looking for practical experience in Sales & Marketing, Services, or Supply Chain through our professional e-learning courses and project simulations from our leaders, this is the program for you! Apply now! #SEGreatPeople

Join us live on June 29th to explore how #FieldServices and #DigitalServices can help your business run more smoothly in the new era of digital transformation. Register here.

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