👋 Hey AM community, do you know the people behind GKN Additive and Forecast 3D MFG Around the world, we are a team of true AM enthusiasts!

Have you met Karla Aguirre? Karla started working with Forecast3D in 2008, cleaning SLA parts. Over time she moved up, gaining experience with the P.F. Department, getting parts ready for molding, and later with the Finishing Department. Now she is the Painting Department lead, with a great team that aims to produce the best parts possible.

In her free time, she likes to exercise, dance, camp, sing, box and eat tacos! She is also the mother of two beautiful children.

🙌 We have been an IATF 16949 certified 3D printing supplier for more than 3 years now! Being committed to the highest possible quality standards is so natural to us that we hardly ever talk about it anymore.

🏎 The automotive standard represents one of the most demanding certifications in the industry today. That's why for us, the IATF certificate was a significant step on our path towards challenging established supply chains and industrializing 3D printing technology globally (you won't find many other IATF certified 3D printing suppliers out there).

🚀 To take full advantage of AM, you need a partner who helps you explore how AM can make the biggest difference for your business!

😎 So, if you're looking for an experienced top-notch partner in the 3D printing domain, let's get in touch and explore how the technology can become an asset for your business strategy. https://bit.ly/3x4oVWZ

Slowing down climate change while creating jobs, jobs, and more jobs in the US? Yes, this is doable and we’re here for it with our electrification initiatives!💪 With lighter, smaller, and more efficient e-motor solutions, we’re offering a new generation of powder metal parts made from Soft Magnetic Composites to help electrify America’s future.

⚡ Natural gas and coal-fire energy lose a lot more heat than renewable energy
⚡ Moving away from fossil fuel economy to a renewably powered and electrified economy would need less than half of the energy we think we do today
⚡ 20% of U.S. emissions derives from the 6 million commercial buildings
⚡ Electrified machines can save each household at least $2,000 annually, and the overall U.S. economy $300 billion

Read more on America’s war to electrification👉 https://bit.ly/3wasPgX

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What is Design for PM (DPM) or Design for Powder Metallurgy? It’s not commonly known, but the design freedom, material properties, and net shape forming capabilities with the Design for PM approach can unleash unique possibilities and optimize designs! 😲 How does this work?

First, we take a holistic look at a part’s function and the entire system, then we think about how we can integrate additional features and functionalities to optimize it, in order to achieve better performance at lower total cost. 🤔 What this means for electrified applications:

💡 Novel e-motor topologies based on unique 3D magnetic flux design
💡 Higher efficiencies combined with higher torque density
💡 More compact designs to save space and weight
💡 Better thermal behavior made from one unique material
💡 Zero waste net shape stator manufacturing for a more sustainable production method
💡 Less complexity and assembly for your streamlined product integration

Learn about what you can benefit from👉 https://bit.ly/2RyK3Wu

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🌍 What is the true cost of the damage to the atmosphere when you emit a couple of tonnes of CO2 into it? It's June 5, #WorldEnvironmentDay, a perfect day to remind ourselves that the ultimate cost is never factored in.

Depending on who you ask, the answer would be different! Dave Lowe, a climate scientist and lead author of the 2007 Nobel Prize-winning IPCC Fourth Assessment Report on climate change, took a hard look at the political will and leadership to push the world into a sustainable future.

To this day, scientific data is still easily manipulated and cherrypicked by the mainstream media, however, despite a lack of strong action towards carbon emissions reductions, the ingenuity of human innovations is extraordinary.

“We can feel optimistic of the rapidly emerging technologies available to help reduce carbon emissions, among them hydrogen generation and storage,” says Dave Lowe.

🚀 We do have the tools to combat climate change! Right here. Right now. GKN Hydrogen's HY2 ENERGY SYSTEM was developed with exactly that in mind – to make tools available that reduce carbon emissions and do our part in leading the community into a sustainable future. 🙌


It's getting hot on this planet!🌎🥵 There’s a chance that the world will get so hot on in the next five years, temporarily push past the temperature limit the Paris climate agreement is trying to prevent. But there is a solution! It’s still preventable by taking strong action towards global warming, and we definitely believe that electrifying existing and new technologies can help cool this place down.😎

☀ A new World Meteorological Organization also predicts a 90% chance that the world will set yet another record for the hottest year by the end of 2025
☀ Last year, the same group forecasted a 20% chance of it happening, compared to 40% this year
☀ This year, the meteorologists say large parts of land in the Northern Hemisphere will be 1.4 degrees (0.8 degrees Celsius) warmer than recent decades
☀ Global warming can result in the Atlantic to brew more potentially dangerous hurricanes and other natural disasters

Read more about the article here by Seth Borenstein on HuffPost👉 https://bit.ly/3uMSA5w

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👋 Hey AM community, do you know the people behind GKN Additive and Forecast 3D MFG? Around the world, we are a team of true AM enthusiasts! This is the latest part of our #WhoWeAreWednesday series:

Have you met Florian Sommer? He is the shift supervisor and machine operator at our Metal Binder Jetting shopfloor in Bad Langensalza, Germany. Florian coordinates the scheduling of all print jobs in collaboration with the local project engineers and has a deep inner drive for creative problem-solving. He enjoys exploring uncharted territory and being the first to solve an issue.

Florian is a state-certified technician of mechanical engineering and quality management. He has been with GKN since 2004, and prior to joining our team in 2020, he gathered extensive expertise in plastic- and metal injection molding and quality management.

🏹 Outside of work, Florian is a passionate collector of whiskey, classic pocket knives, cigars, and pipes. Right now he is finishing his hunting license.

Fun fact: Florian has a soft spot for the American way of life. He has always been fascinated by the country, its people, culture, and food. He even considers moving to the US at some point in the future.

Did you know? Diamond-like carbon (DLC) coatings are efficient in improving surface properties of functional components. DLC coatings increase the wear resistance and improve the friction and are widely used for design elements due to the shiny black surface.

Christopher Schaak and Simon Hoeges, both Binder Jetting experts at GKN Additive, have extensively investigated the combination of additive manufacturing and DLC deposition together with DLC coating experts at the TU Dortmund University. Check out their latest research paper “Coatability of diamond-like carbon on 316L stainless steel printed by binder jetting” to learn why this is a competitive approach to fabricate complex-shaped components and parts with enhanced surface properties.

Congratulations to the co-authors: Nelson Filipe Lopes Dias, Dominic Stangier, and Wolfgang Tillmann, who collaborated with Christopher and Simon.

You’ll find the full article right here: https://bit.ly/2SN2Ihf

We understand what it's like for innovators to pick between the most important aspects of an idea - and it hurts to give up a choice!😢 But what if we tell you that we can achieve all four? 👀

Our e-motor technology based on SMC materials (Soft Magnetic Composites) allow us to have unlimited magnetic flux design freedom while enhancing performance and efficiency, and we love to see what we can create together! 💡 Share your choice or challenges below, feel free to discuss your ideas or concerns with our expert Eckart Schneider !

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It’s time for a new generation of e-motors!💡
What is SMC? You might have heard of it, SMC (short for Soft Magnetic Composites), are materials made of pure iron powder particles with unique magnetic properties.✨

Unlike conventional laminated steel sheets with limited magnetic flux in only 2 dimensions, SMC materials have an electrically isolating coating around each individual powder particle, thus leading to a high electrical resistance in all dimensions.👍 This allows designing for novel e-motor topologies taking fully advantage of 3 dimensional magnetic flux.😎

⚡ Better efficiencies? No problem!
⚡ Higher torque and power density? Absolutely💪
⚡ More compact e-motors? Why not!
⚡ Customized to your bucket list? Of course!
⚡ Engineering support throughout the entire development process? 100%
📌Talk to our expert Eckart Schneider for more!

Discover more electrification potentials here👉 https://bit.ly/3vuAM0s

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