Exciting workplaces mean different things to all of us. According to Abram Banman, Global Business Director in Detroit, USA, "Autoliv is an exciting company that builds innovative products with significant year over year growth”. Read more of his reflections: https://bit.ly/3nGurvH

Merging security with safety in connected cars seems as natural as "mixing peanut butter with chocolate" - but is it really that simple? Read as @SteveTengler explores the complexities of creating the automotive security systems of the future: https://bit.ly/3vIR5GU

Mixing together safety and security for the connected car seems as natural as merging peanut butter and chocolate. But in practice, it's pretty complex with a few, important touchpoints.

To our Autoliv colleagues across the world, we wish to acknowledge your monumental effort over the past year in coming together to keep each other safe. As the world opens up and people are able to come together again, we look forward to thanking each of you face to face.

Autoliv Cankor Otomotiv Emniyet Sist.San.Tic. A.Ş.

Too many car crashes are caused by late or weak braking. So we asked ourselves, could we cut the braking distance, and save more lives? Explore how our Torricelli brake concept uses vacuum technology to reduce the stopping distance by up to 40%: https://bit.ly/3uP4LPy

At Autoliv, we are happy to share the streets with millions of cyclists. Today we celebrate #WorldBicycleDay with our everyday commitment to creating safety solutions, protecting our fellow road-users.

Are smarter cities safer cities? The Together For Safer Roads S.M.A.R.T. system navigates #smartcars and #smarthomes to pave the way to #VisionZero and ensure the road safety of urban environments. Learn how: https://bit.ly/3ePD2Io

At Autoliv, Saving More Lives means always staying at the forefront of innovation. That's why we employ 5,700 people in R, D & E across 14 tech centers around the world. Read more about our research dedicated to Saving More Lives: https://bit.ly/3h0McV1

How long does reading a text message take? For Distracted Driving Awareness month, the @Lexus #LexusNS was modified to prove how long a text takes a drivers' attention off the road. Watch the film and find out how: https://bit.ly/3eTsSXa

How long do you think it takes to glance at a text message when you’re driving? One second? Two seconds?

"We seek to partner with the most innovative companies and build scalable solutions for the automotive safety market with increased speed in time-to-market.” – Autoliv CEO Mikael Bratt. Join our newly launched application round with Combient Foundry and read more about the collaborative business opportunity here: https://bit.ly/3ysSEdT

Since 2017, Autoliv is contributing to an educational program in India together with Pratham Education Foundation. Now, we are accelerating our support due to the challenges that the pandemic has brought. With our internal fundraising campaign #RaisingForIndia, we are prepared to double our contribution on behalf of all employees in Autoliv. Let’s raise together for India.

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